God Was Working

By Ben Simms

Abraham was a young man who knew trouble. At 12 years old, Abraham was involved in a gang and preferred life on the streets.

But God was working.

A new house church was being planted in Abraham’s hometown in El Salvador. Lifeline Christian Mission’s Bible Institute students and leaders went door-to-door inviting families to this new church. Two students approached Abraham and his friends and invited them to church. That moment changed Abraham’s life.

Abraham visited the church and sat on the back row, listening intently. He was intrigued. Afterwards, as Pastor José greeted all who had attended, he spoke to Abraham about Christ and the church. Abraham asked questions and confided that he needed to leave the gang. José promised to help him and prayed hard for his life change. Abraham came to Lifeline’s church in Santa Tecla the following Sunday, and he never stopped attending church.

07_Simms_JNAnd God was still working.

Four months after Abraham’s baptism, he applied and was accepted as a student at Lifeline’s Bible Institute. Abraham graduated and is now a leader in the Bible Institute, director of evangelism, and director of Lifeline’s radio ministry in El Salvador. 

“He’s a good leader,” says Pastor José, Lifeline’s lead pastor, administrator in El Salvador, and founder of the Bible Institute. “The young people have doubled in the church, and Abraham trains them up. Abraham is young, but others readily accept him as their leader.”

Abraham’s family, from whom he had turned away, sees a new Abraham. He influenced them to come to church, and they have accepted Jesus. Abraham’s father is a leader in the church, and he hosts a large house church each week.

“Abraham was totally lost before he accepted Jesus Christ in his life,” says Abraham’s mother, “but now he is a good example for his family, his community, and the church.”

Footnote: All of the gang members that Abraham associated with in the past are no longer alive.

Ben Simms is president and CEO of Lifeline Christian Mission, Westerville, Ohio.

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