He’s the Man!

By Errol Schroeder

Brendon Paladichuk is a member at Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado. But he hasn’t always been a believer. God did a rewrite of Brendon’s screenplay, and now he’s living out a better story.

Brendon grew up in a single-parent home with his mom working four jobs to make ends meet. Brendon went to church but was present only physically. Brendon wanted to be popular, cool, and noticed. Dirty jokes, cussing, fights, and alcohol were all a part of his story. Brendon was the man!

07_Schroeder2_JNOne day his life took a major turn. He was in a motorcycle accident and would have died on the street had it not been for an angel trained in CPR. He survived but was paralyzed from the chest down; doctors expected the paralysis would be permanent. Brendon was no longer popular or cool. Instead, he became an angrier rebel. End of Act 1.

Now it gets good. Inexplicably, Brendon’s legs began to move and get stronger. He began to walk. Doctors couldn’t explain how Brendon regained his mobility, and the word miracle wasn’t in his vocabulary.

About this time Brendon met a man who invited him to a church men’s conference. Brendon attended, heard the message, and cried. A better story was in the hands of the Author.

Two years ago at church, Brendon heard of a mission trip to Guatemala. Although he is in constant pain and still has trouble walking, he went to the table and penciled his name on the signup sheet.

On that mission trip, Brendon realized that part of his better story is building homes for the homeless in Guatemala. He has returned there seven times now. He rents a house there. He builds houses there. He builds relationships there. He is helping to rewrite other stories there. Brendon is the man! And Jesus smiles.

Errol Schroeder is a member of Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado.

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