I Knew I Was Called

Welcome to Anaheim vectorBy Bart Rendel

In the summer of 1985 my life changed forever during the North American Christian Convention in Anaheim, California! For years, my family had attended the convention for inspiration and connection. That summer we made the trek out west to visit family and friends. The convention was the centerpiece of our trip.

I was between my 10th and 11th grade in high school. With college in the offing, I was seriously contemplating my life’s direction. How did he want to use me? Where should I focus my education? It was at the convention that I felt the Lord simply saying, “What more could you do with your life than serve my church?” I didn’t know what shape it would take, but I knew I was called.

Was it rubbing shoulders with my life heroes, being reminded of my heritage, or just time with my family and friends that softened my heart and allowed me to hear him? I’ll never know. But it was a clear and poignant moment that changed everything.

Bart Rendel is president and cofounder of Intentional Churches, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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