By Mark A. Taylor

With the acquisition of Christian Standard Media, announced February 13, it’s only natural that some readers may have some questions. Here are some answers.

Acquisition? Who acquired you?
Christian Standard Media, consisting primarily of The Lookout and CHRISTIAN STANDARD magazines, was acquired by The Solomon Foundation. Solomon created a wholly owned, independent, nonprofit subsidiary that will manage this ministry

Solomon is in Denver, right? Does this mean you’ll be moving there? 
No, and yes. It is true that we have a new business address:

16965 Pine Lane, Suite 202
Parker, Colorado 80134

All correspondence for the magazines, including that for any magazine staff member or any inquiries about subscription fulfillment, should go to that address.

You can phone us at 720-598-7377. (This is a new phone number as of March 2019.)

Or you may continue to write us at any of the e-mail addresses you have used before. For example, reach the CHRISTIAN STANDARD staff by writing christianstandard@christianstandardmedia.com.

While the magazines’ business will be handled in Colorado, my colleagues and I are working from Cincinnati. We don’t see a moving van in our future!

What do you see for the future?
We’re not prophets, of course, but for the first time since the 1950s, these magazines have owners fully committed to and engaged with our fellowship of Christian churches and churches of Christ. For the first time in all those decades, we are responsible only for our ministry, not to shareholders. We can’t exist, of course, if we don’t receive income. But our goal is our mission to the churches, not turning a profit.

What does this mean editorially? Who controls your content?
The editors will continue to control our content. Doug Crozier, chief executive officer with The Solomon Foundation, has repeatedly said the magazines will be independent. His goal, and ours, is to serve our whole fellowship of churches.

So you feel pretty good about this, right?
We couldn’t be happier with the huge investment of time and energy from The Solomon Foundation to make this transition happen. Because of their initiative, subscribing to the magazines will be easier than ever. Because of their hard work, a mountain of data and a long list of processes are being transferred as well as possible. Every concern of our staff has been addressed in ways that make us smile. We are grateful to The Solomon Foundation for its commitment to the church, expressed now with this commitment to Christian Standard Media.

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