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By Jerry Harris

Seventy-seven names. As one scans them, a history of the modern independent Christian church forms. These men strove to hold together in unity an independent movement while, at the same time, cherishing its individuality. They worked hard to inspire a movement of healthy, growing churches. They had their own ministries, but they generously gave their time, talent, and treasure to advance a tribe and cause in which they believed.

All served as president of the North American Christian Convention, with one man serving three times. In the early days, two, three, or even four years could elapse between gatherings.

Christian Standard Media simply wishes to say thank-you.


NACC Presidents (in chronological order from the most recent convention, 2018, clear back to the first convention in 1927)

Drew Sherman, Gene Appel, Dave Stone, Mike Baker, Tim Harlow, Matt Proctor, Rick Rusaw, Dudley Rutherford, Ben Cachiaras, Jeff Stone, Cam Huxford, Alan Ahlgrim, David Faust, Howard Brammer, Dick Alexander, Bob Russell, Barry McMurtrie, Tom Ellsworth, Don Wilson, Wayne Shaw, Dennis Slaughter, Sam E. Stone, John Caldwell, Marshall Hayden, Wally Rendel, Charles E. Cook, Ken Idleman, David McCord, Richard D. Hogan, R. Allan Dunbar, David Corts, Dale McCann, Kenneth A. Meade, Knofel Staton, David L. Eubanks, Floyd Strater, E. LeRoy Lawson, Calvin L. Phillips, Dennis R. Fulton, Robert C. Shannon, Ben Merold, Wayne B. Smith, E. Ray Jones, Russell F. Blowers, Thomas W. Overton, W. F. Lown, E. Richard Crabtree, Marshall J. Leggett, William S. Boice, Douglas A. Dickey, Burris Butler, L. Palmer Young, Hugh F. Sensibaugh, Russell L. Martin, Leon H. Appel, E. H. Chamberlain, William Harold Hockley, Robert O. Weaver, Edwin G. Crouch, Olin W. Hay, Reuben L. Anderson, Lester H. Ford, Harold W. Scott, James Van Buren, Francis M. Arant, Harry Poll, Ernest E. Laughlin, Joseph H. Dampier, Ard Hoven, Orval Morgan, William E. Sweeney, Dean E. Walker, T. K. Smith, O. A. Trinkle, J. E. Henshaw, Wallace Tharp, and P. H. Welshimer (who served as president three times).

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