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Did You Hear What They’re Preaching About?

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Preachers can sometimes experience creative lulls, so in the interest of providing inspiration, but not duplication (we hope), here are what some of our churches have been preaching about in recent weeks.

By the way, most sermons from these series are available at the respective churches’ websites (and we’ve provided links).


Christ’s Church of the Valley (Phoenix, Ariz.)


“Society has taken an interesting turn on what’s considered typical; activity-packed schedules, strained relationships, overextended budgets, and piles of debt. If this is what typical looks like, then now is the time to break the mold! Join us for our new series aTypical, because typical isn’t working.”



Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, Ky.)

Don’t Give Up

A three-part series: “Don’t Give Up on Marriage,” “Don’t Give Up on Each Other,” and “Don’t Give Up on God.”



Shepherd Church (Porter Ranch, Calif)

I Love L.A. (the church’s 2019 theme)

“Nineveh was a great city filled with lost people. God’s heart toward that city in Jonah 1-4 shows us that there is no city on earth today that is too big or too far from God’s love and mercy. [With] ‘I Love L.A.,’ you will be challenged to love your city more than ever before; to do something to reach others; to have compassion for people the way Jesus did; and to lead people to streams of Living Water!”



Compassion Christian Church (Savannah, Ga.)

Four Letter Words

The first three sermons in the series are “Fear,” “Hate,” and “Lost.”



Crossroads Christian Church (Grand Prairie, Texas)

The Things That Really Matter

The church has been focusing extensively on the Gospel of Luke for months. The four most recent sermons have been about “The Things That Really Matter,” developed from Luke 17.



Real Life Church (Valencia, Calif.)

MODGNIK: God’s Backward Kingdom

“MODGNIK or KINGDOM spelled backward is going to reveal the backward kingdom of God. Jesus never called us to be religious, but rather invited us into something much bigger. He invited us into His kingdom that’s not based on one church, but all churches, so that we all get to be a part of His great kingdom.”



Real Life Christian Church (Clermont, Fla.)

Say What?!

“Join us as we tackle the challenging and controversial teachings/sayings of Jesus that have the power to not only change our lives but change the world.” Sermon titles have included “Pick Up Your Cross,” “Love Your Enemies,” and “Do Not Judge.”



Crossroads Christian Church (Corona, Calif.)

The 8 Big Emotions

The eight-part series has covered such emotions as Gratitude, Emotion, Faith, and Awe.



Traders Point Christian Church (Whitestown, Ind.)

Asking for a Friend

“Each week of ‘Asking for a Friend’ focuses on some of the tougher questions people have about life and faith. We’re looking to the Bible for answers and holding up its truth as the authority of our lives.” The three recent sermons have been “Messy Grace,” “The LGBT Questions,” and “The Pain Questions.”



Eastview Christian Church (Normal/Bloomington, Ill.)


In this just-completed series, sermons included “Sinking in Fear,” “Missing Jesus,” “Prayer-less,” “Denial,” and others.



Mountain Christian Church (Joppa, Md.)

Good Story

“‘Good News!’ That’s how the story about Jesus was introduced to the world. But is it a ‘good story’ like a tall tale used to amuse or deceive? Or a truly good story that you just gotta hear because of its importance and relevance? Like a journalist going after a good story, let’s open the book of Mark and see if we can discover who Jesus really is and why it matters.”



Mount Pleasant Christian Church (Greenwood, Ind.)

Let’s Talk about Jesus

This series of more than 50 sermons over the past two years started with “The Power of Good” (April 2, 2017) and has included such titles as “What’s the Greatest Thing Jesus Can Do for You?” “Spiritual Stubbornness,” “You Can’t Fool God,” and “The Tension of Faith.”



Southeast Christian Church (Parker, Colo.)

Real Relationships

“What would it look like if all of our relationships were stronger and healthier? Join Southeast as we discuss biblical principles that can help create and sustain vibrant relationships.” Scripture: “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” (Ephesians 5:21).



SouthBrook Christian Church (Dayton, Ohio)


“The major battles of your life are fought every day within your soul. How do you fight the good fight that is going on within you—and around you? Join us for this nine-part series exploring the battles we face in our lives and how to overcome them.”



Connection Pointe Christian Church (Brownsburg, Ind.)

Jesus Loves Me: Christian Essentials for the Head and the Heart

“In the series we will learn the essentials of the Christian faith, why they matter, and what they mean for you and those you love.”



Northeast Christian Church (Louisville, Ky)

Let’s Talk About Mental Health (Season Two)

“Statistics show us at least 1 out of 5 Americans battle a mental health issue each year. That means 5 out of 5 Americans love someone battling a mental-health issue. It’s time to talk about mental health!”


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