The Lookout’s Reading Plan to Improve Biblical Literacy
The Lookout’s Reading Plan to Improve Biblical Literacy

Christian Standard’s sister publication The Lookout offers a daily Bible reading plan to walk you through the entire Bible in one year.

The Daily Reading Plan can be found for free at, or you can connect to the plan using the You Version Bible App. In the app, simply go to Plans and search for “The Lookout.”

The plan provides a selection of Scripture reading for 6 days per week. Subscribers to The Lookout will find the Bible Reading Plan in the print magazine, with a small accompanying daily devotional. These can also be found in the free digital version of The Lookout at

We’ve included here an at-a-glance version. Each of the 52 lines comprises a week and includes a selected reading from the Gospels, New and Old Testaments, and Wisdom Literature.

Join us in journeying through the Bible together, and be sure to check out The Lookout for more in-depth Bible study resources.

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