SPOTLIGHT: Crossroads Christian Church, Largo, Fla.
SPOTLIGHT: Crossroads Christian Church, Largo, Fla.

From Mechanic to Minister

By Andy Rector

“My wife, Beverly, felt a call from God, which she revealed to me, which made me smile,” said Harold Kellermier, pastor with Crossroads Christian Church in Largo, Florida. “[That] led [me] to a seat in a local Bible college at 44 years old.” Up until then, Kellermier had managed the vehicle-maintenance department for the local school system.

 In 2010, at 48, he was asked to become part of the staff at Crossroads.

“I left the world of mechanics, finished school, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies.”

But once again, Kellermier’s wife encouraged him, this time suggesting seminary.

“At 54, I graduated with a master’s degree in biblical ministries while working at Crossroads. At 55, I was asked to become the pastor of Crossroads.”

Kellermier credits the numerical and spiritual growth at Crossroads to the Lord.

“We give Christ the glory for that. We continue to pray for his community and the people near his church. Our goal is to show his glory when he brings his people to his church.”

Why have the people of Crossroads grown in their walk with Christ?

“The simple answer is we went back to biblical teaching. We use a standard NIV Bible, which is placed on our seats, tell the congregation the page number, read the Scripture, and teach from the Scripture. Our congregation has embraced this.”

Serving the Largo community has helped the congregation in its spiritual journey. Crossroads began a community outreach program in January 2018.

“We provide clothing, furniture, bedding, dishes, food, and more at no charge,” Kellermier said. The church operates on a “take what you need but remember those in need” principle. Each Wednesday, CCC’s outreach program welcomes 50 to 70 guests. “Our community has come alongside the church, and the support has been overwhelming.”

Crossroads Christian has also focused on supporting missionaries. Kellermier gave an example: “We are currently raising funds for a young man from our congregation who will begin an 11-month, 11-country mission trip in January 2020.”

Kellermier’s journey from mechanic to minister has been a long one, and he is quick to thank congregation, staff, elders, and family, but all involved credit CCC’s growth to the Lord. “Each of us thank Christ for his mercy and grace.”

Andy Rector is a writer and graphic designer from Louisville, Kentucky.

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