Discovery Questions for July 5, 2020
Discovery Questions for July 5, 2020

(These Discovery questions go with the Bible lesson for July 5, 2020: “Perfect Love, Brotherly Love” For a detailed explanation of how to use Discovery Bible Study, click here.)

By Leigh Mackenzie

1. Who are you grateful for right now?

2. This past week, what challenges did you have believing God’s truth?

Ask three people—two readers and one reteller—to help. Ask the two readers to read 1 John 3:10-23 one after the other (preferably from different Bible versions). Repeat the process for 2 John 1:4-6.

Ask the third person to summarize (not interpret) what these passages are saying as a whole. (About 60 seconds is all the time needed.)

3. What overall theme or themes do you notice in these passages? (Look for repeated words and phrases.)

4. Let’s dig deeper into some of the specifics:

• What contrasts do you discover in the passages?

          • What lesson can we learn from the story of Cain?

          • What relationships do you see between love, belief, and eternal life?

          • Between love and sacrifice?

• Between love and actions?

• Between love and God’s commands?

5. What do you learn about God and the characteristics of his love?

6. What do you learn about yourself?

          • How can you expect to be treated if you are a Christ follower?

          • How are you to treat others?

7. In what area of your life does this passage compel you to walk in obedience? (Suggestions: laying down my lives for others, loving others with tangible actions, doing what pleases God, passing my faith to the next generation.)

8. In what practical way will you share God’s love with others in the upcoming days?

9. Based on these Bible passages and our discussion, complete this sentence: “This week, I will . . .”

10. What challenge will you face this week?

For next week: Sometime over the next week, read and reflect on 1 John 3:24; 4:7-21 as we continue looking at “Perfect Love” through the letters of John. You can also read next week’s supplemental texts as well as the Study and Application sections as part of your personal study.

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