12 June, 2021

Ozark Adds 10 More Free Bible ‘Classes’ to NextLevel Online

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By Jim Nieman

Ozark Christian College recently added 10 new “classes” to its NextLevel Online Bible and ministry series that feature instruction from OCC faculty. The college also has revamped its NextLevel Online site and added the series to its YouTube Channel.

The additions increase to 34 the number of biblical teaching series and to 290 the number of individual videos available through the aforementioned sites and also via RightNow Media. The offerings include everything from “Portraits of God from the Pentateuch” (Jon Kehrer, instructor) to “Revelation” (Shane J. Wood), from “Messianic Prophecy” (Kehrer) to “Parables of Jesus” (Mark Scott), and from “How to Read the Bible” (Michael DeFazio) to “Restoration History” (Rick Cherok).

Ozark began producing the free online teaching videos in 2016 and they have now been viewed more than 300,000 times by church classes, small groups, student ministries, and individuals in all 50 states and over 35 countries, according to Jim Dalrymple, Ozark’s executive vice president of advancement. NextLevel has been averaging around 40,000 unique viewers each quarter (around 13,000 unique viewers per month).

On average, most topics are covered in 8 to 12 sessions of about 15 to 20 minutes each. Here are the newest offerings:

• “Apologetics,” Chad Ragsdale (10 sessions)

• “Colossians,” Michael DeFazio (13 sessions)

• “Deuteronomy,” Jon Kehrer (12 sessions)

• “Esther,” Beth DeFazio (6 sessions)

• “Ezekiel,” Mike Ackerman (11 sessions)

• “Habakkuk,” Mark Scott (5 sessions)

• “1 Peter,” Jim Dalrymple (7 sessions)

• “Prayer,” Michael DeFazio (13 sessions)

• “1 Samuel,” Michael DeFazio (14 sessions)

• “Titus,” Mike Ackerman (5 sessions)

“For those with little biblical training, most of the videos are still understandable,” professor of New Testament and hermeneutics Michael DeFazio told us in 2019. “Even those who know the Bible well . . . can benefit, whether a refresher for their own walk of faith or as a resource in sharing truth with those under their care.”

Ozark’s mission is to “train men and women for Christian service,” Dalrymple said. “We do this in the classroom every day, and outside the classroom through church resources like NextLevel.”

Ozark’s website displays the entire series of offerings—go to occ.edu/series, click on a series, and it will redirect you to OCC’s YouTube channel. (Another update—logging in is no longer required.) Or, if you prefer, view the entire NextLevel series via RightNow Media.

The Solomon Foundation and Christian Churches Pension Plan sponsor NextLevel videos by helping cover production costs.

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  1. Cindy

    My husband and I have been viewing Ephesians and Romans videos thru Rightmedia. They’re great! We’ve learned so much! We can’t thank you enough! God bless you all!

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