12 August, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Issues Facing the Restoration Movement (1982)

by | 9 June, 2022

In the April 4, 1982, issue—40 years ago—editor Sam E. Stone polled readers about “Issues Facing the Restoration Movement.” As Stone described it, he wanted help from readers to determine the most “critical subjects with which we who would be ‘Christians only’ must deal.” 

He created a ballot and invited readers to weigh-in by listing the five issues they considered to be the “most crucial.”  

“We promise to listen to what you say. Then we will respond by seeking articles that deal with these themes for future issues,” Stone wrote. 

 The ballot of topics included: 

1. Bible’s accuracy and authority 

2. Calvinistic theology 

3. Charismatic movement 

4. Christian higher education 

5. Church polity (one-man pastor; elder’s role) 

6. Divorce 

7. Evangelism 

8. Handicapped 

9. Home and family 

10. Leadership for local church 

11. Minister’s role 

12. Patriotism and citizenship 

13. Respect for life (abortion; euthanasia) 

14. Scientific technology (genetic engineering, etc.) 

15. Validity of restoration plea 

16. Women’s role in church 

17. World needs (hunger, etc.) 

18. and 19. [these were left blank] 

In his June 13, 1982, editorial, Stone expressed appreciation for the “fine response to this request,” and then he shared “the issues considered most important by those who responded” . . . 

 1. Evangelism and Leadership for local church (a tie!) 

2. Bible’s accuracy and authority 

3. Home and family 

4. Validity of the restoration plea 

5. Women’s role in the church 

6. Divorce 

7. Calvinistic theology 

8. Church polity (one-man pastor; elder’s role) 

Stone allowed that this was not “an official, scientifically accurate poll,” but that it was “significant,” nonetheless.  

“With this in mind,” he wrote, “we will continue to select articles that we believe can help meet these challenges most effectively.” 

What about you, modern reader? Do you care to share what you believe to be the most significant issue or issues facing the Restoration Movement in 2022?  

(Please leave a comment.) 

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