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Final Statistics for ICOM 2023 (Plus News Briefs)

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The International Conference On Missions shared some statistics from its recent gathering, Nov. 3-5, in Columbus, Ohio 

Onsite attendance was more than 6,500, while attendance for SICOM (Student ICOM) was 560. ICOM Kids participants numbered 213 from more than 100 families. The church/college-wide registrations were 234, there were 332 exhibitors, and 246 virtual passes were sold (a number that continues to rise). 

Offerings of $34,000 fell well short of the $70,000 goal. The offering is part of a campaign to raise $115,000 by the end of the year to help cover such costs as facility fees and housing. Go to www.theicom.org/donate to contribute. 

Ending the gathering on Saturday this year allowed for many missionaries to speak at churches on Sunday. Nov. 6 was a Missionary Sunday for many churches in the Columbus area.

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News Briefs

Russell Noble, an alum of Lincoln Christian University and Seminary, ordained minister, and former missionary, recently had his first book published: Parson to Person: 3 Things God Wants You to Know About Life.

The first three chapters are a testimonial of a good friend who survived the Holocaust, Noble shared via email.

“The first thing God wants us to know about life is God wants us to be overcomers,” he wrote. “The second thing God wants us to know about life is that we can be happy without living in sin. The third thing . . . is that we should live life with destiny.”

The book is available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Gonzalo Venegas—also known as “Pastor G”—shared via Facebook this week about his daughter, Gabby, 15, having all-day emergency surgery to replace her ascending aorta. Gabby has Loeys Dietz syndrome and has undergone more than 30 surgeries in her short life. Recovery from this surgery is anticipated to take a year. Venegas is Pompano Beach Campus pastor for Community Christian Church. We featured his life story in 2019, “From Gang Member to Church Planter.”

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Ozark Christian College, Joplin, Mo., will host a “We Are the Body” women’s event on April 21-22. The study of 1 Corinthians will feature Maggie Schade as the speaker and Madison Christian as worship leader. The event is designed to encourage, equip, and empower women. The early bird rate through the end of December is $25. More information is available at occ.edu.

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