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Oldest Independent Christian Churches (Please Help Us Update This List)

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Christian Standard is compiling a list of the oldest Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ that are still gathering for worship each week, but we need your help. Please review this list of churches that started between the years of 1800 and 1859. If you know of a church that we have overlooked, or if you see incorrect information, please share it with us via the Comments (below) or by emailing us at [email protected]. Place “Oldest Christian Churches” in the subject line. The updated list will appear in our March/April 2024 issue. Thank you!

UPDATED AT 5:00 A.M. SUNDAY, NOV. 5 — Thanks to everyone for your great additions! We’ve very nearly doubled the size of the list that was posted originally! The word ADDED denotes church names that readers have provided to us since publicizing this list via our weekly newsletter at about 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

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1740 — Calvary Christian Church (Glen Allen, Virginia; became Independent c. 1833) — ADDED 

1789 — Stony Point Christian Church (Charlestown, Indiana; became Independent, 1829) — ADDED 

1790 — East Union Christian Church (Carlisle, Kentucky; became Independent, early 1830s) — ADDED  

c. 1800 — Parksville Christian Church (Parksville, Kentucky) 

1800 — Cool Spring Christian Church (Keysville, Virginia) 

1803 — Indian Creek Christian Church (Cynthiana, Kentucky) — ADDED 

1811 — Dutch Fork Christian Church (Claysville, Pennsylvania) — ADDED 

1814 — Countryside Church of Christ (Seaman, Ohio) 

1815 — Driftwood Christian Church (Vallonia, Indiana) — ADDED 

1818 — Mulkeytown Christian Church (Mulkeytown, Illinois) 

1819 — Keensburg Christian Church (Keensburg, Illinois) — ADDED 

1821 — Bentonville Ebenezer Christian Church (Lewisville, Indiana) 

1821 — Bethel Christian Church (Fountain City, Indiana) 

1821 — First Christian Church (Minerva, Ohio; originally called the Plains Church) — ADDED 

1823 — New Hope Christian Church (Columbus, Indiana; affiliated with Christian Churches in 1832) — ADDED 

1823 — Clermont Christian Church (Clermont, Indiana; originally called Old Union Church) — ADDED 

1823 — Little Prairie Christian Church (Albion, Illinois) — ADDED 

1824 — Mountain Christian Church (Joppa, Maryland) 

1824 — Berlin Christian Church (Berlin, Illinois) — ADDED 

1825 — Boones Creek Christian Church (Johnson City, Tennessee) 

1825 — North Central Church of Christ (Bloomington, Indiana) 

1826 — Leesburg Christian Church (Cynthiana, Kentucky) 

1826 — Mackville Christian Church (Mackville, Kentucky) — ADDED 

1827 — Bluff Creek Christian Church (Greenwood, Indiana) 

1828 — Corner House Christian Church (Hubbard, Ohio) 

1828 — Lick Prairie Christian Church (near Lancaster, Illinois) — ADDED 

1828 — Bethany Christian Church (Bumpass, Virginia) — ADDED 

1829 — Plainfield Christian Church (Plainfield, Indiana) 

1830 — White Oak Christian Church (Cincinnati, Ohio) 

1830 — Bethany Christian Church (Washington, Indiana) — ADDED 

1830 — Hanoverton Christian Church (Hanoverton, Ohio) — ADDED 

1830 — Greenford Christian Church (Greenford, Ohio) — ADDED  

1830 — Union City Christian Church (Richmond, Kentucky) — ADDED 

1830 — Manville Christian Church (Madison, Indiana) — ADDED

1831 — First Christian Church (Monticello, Kentucky) 

1831 — Clarksburg Christian Church (Clarksburg, Indiana) 

1832— Greenford Christian Church (Greenford, Ohio) 

1832 — Germantown Christian Church (Brooksville, Kentucky) 

1832 — Ash Grove Christian Church (Windsor, Illinois) — ADDED 

1833 — First Christian Church (Decatur, Illinois) 

1834 — Traders Point Christian Church (Whitestown, Indiana) 

1834 — Hopwood Christian Church (Milligan College, Tennessee) — ADDED 

1834 — Pleasant Ridge Christian Church (near Lawrenceville, Illinois) — ADDED 

1834 — Clarence Church of Christ (Clarence, New York; originally known as First Congregation of Disciples of Christ) — ADDED 

1835 — The Church at Mt. Gilead (Mooresville, Indiana) 

1835 — First Christian Church (Charlottesville, Virginia) — ADDED 

1836 — Pleasant Hill Christian Church (Washington County, Iowa) — ADDED 

1837 — Middletown Christian Church (Middletown, Missouri) — ADDED

1838 — Eastside Christian Church (Milford, Ohio; formerly called Mulberry Church of Christ) — ADDED 

1839 — Campbellsville Christian Church (Campbellsville, Kentucky) 

1839 — First Christian Church (Sturgis, Kentucky; originally called Cypress Creek Christian) — ADDED 

1839 — Portland Mills Christian Church (Rockville, Indiana) — ADDED 

1840 — Mount Tabor Christian Church (Salem, Indiana) 

1840 — Northpointe Community Church (DeWitt, Michigan) 

1840 — Cambridge City Christian Church (Cambridge City, Indiana) 

1840 — CrossView Christian Church (Waynesville, Ohio; formerly Ferry Church of Christ) — ADDED 

1840 — First Christian Church (Grayville, Illinois) — ADDED 

1840 — Bethlehem Church of Christ (Winchester, Ohio) — ADDED

1841 — Hutsonville Christian Church (Hutsonville, Illinois) — ADDED 

1841 — Ruddles Mill Christian Church (Paris, Kentucky) — ADDED 

1842 — First Christian Church (Barnesville, Ohio) 

1842 — Poplar Ridge Christian Church (Piney Flats, Tennessee) — ADDED 

1842 — Lancaster Church of Christ (Lancaster, Illinois) — ADDED 

1843 — White House Christian Church (Bridgeport, Illinois) — ADDED 

1844 — South Fork Christian Church (Verona, Kentucky) 

1844 — Abingdon Church of Christ (Abingdon, Iowa) — ADDED 

1845 — Warsaw Christian Church (Warsaw, Missouri) 

1845 — Marion Christian Church (near West Salem, Illinois) — ADDED  

1845 — Bachelor Creek Church of Christ (Wabash, Indiana) — ADDED 

1846 — Amity Christian Church (Amity, Oregon) 

1847 — Delta Church of Christ (Delta, Ohio) 

1847 — Ladoga Christian Church (Ladoga, Indiana) — ADDED

1848 — Athens Christian Church (Lexington, Kentucky) 

1850 — Indian Run Christian Church (East Canton, Ohio) 

1850 — Croton Church of Christ (Croton, Ohio) 

1850 — Texas Christian Church (Clinton, Illinois) 

1850 — Westport Christian Church (Westport, Indiana) 

1850 — Lane Christian Church (Lane, Illinois)  

1850 — White Mills Christian Church (White Mills, Kentucky) — ADDED 

1850 — Hardinville Christian Church (Hardinville, Illinois) — ADDED 

1851 — First Christian Church (Warsaw, Indiana) 

1851 — First Christian Church (Carmi, Illinois) 

1852 — Millersburg Christian Church (MIllersburg, Ohio) — ADDED 

1853 — Central Christian Church (Mt. Vernon, Illinois) 

1853 — Lincoln Christian Church (Lincoln, Illinois) 

1853 — Castle Rock Christian Church (Castle Rock, Washington) 

1853 — Orleans Church of Christ (near Moulton, Iowa) — ADDED 

1854 — Rising Sun Church of Christ (Pleasant Hill, Iowa) 

1854 — Buchanan Christian Church (Buchanan, Michigan) — ADDED 

1855 — First Christian Church (Canton, Ohio) 

1855 — First Christian Church (Columbus, Indiana) 

1855 — Shelby Christian Church (Versailles, Indiana) 

1855 — Atlanta Christian Church (Atlanta, Illinois) — ADDED 

1856 — Milford Church of Christ (Centerburg, Ohio) 

1856 — Greenville First Christian Church (Greenville, Illinois) 

1856 — Willisburg Christian Church (Willisburg, Kentucky) 

1856 — First Christian Church (Lyons-Muir, Michigan) — ADDED 

1858 — Pleasant Grove Church of Christ (Mt. Gilead, Ohio) 

c. 1858 — Pricetown Church of Christ (Hillsboro, Ohio) — ADDED 

1858 — Putnam Christian Church (Putnam, Illinois) — ADDED 

1858 — West Village Christian Church (near Albion, Illinois) — ADDED 

1858 — First Christian Church (West Salem, Illinois) — ADDED 

1859 — Hope Christian Church (Indianapolis, Indiana) 

1859 — Crossroads Christian Church (Washington Court House, Ohio) 

1859 — Millwood Church of Christ (Howard, Ohio) 


  1. Ethan magness

    1834 Hopwood Christian Church

  2. peggy mabry leslie

    Poplar Ridge Christian Church
    Piney Flats TN

  3. Derrell Brame

    Ash Grove Christian Church
    Windsor, IL

  4. Hope Combs

    1840 – CrossView Christian Church (Waynesville, Ohio); formerly Ferry Church of Christ

  5. Mark Hahlen

    I read with great interest your list of old churches as I grew up in the CC/CoC in the area of eastern Ohio just south of the Western Reserve. It appears you have omitted a few of those churches in the Stark County / Columbiana County / Carroll County tri-county area. So, here goes:

    First Christian Church, Minerva, OH (1821) — originally called the Plains Church

    Hanoverton Christian Church, Hanoverton, OH (1830)

    Augusta Christian Church, Augusta, OH (I’m not sure on the date, but I believe it will be around 1830-1840)

    First Christian Church, Kensington, OH (Again, not sure about the date, but I believe Hanoverton, Augusta, and Kensington will have begun around the same time.)

  6. Dick Hess

    Eastside Christian Church, Mulberry Church of Christ began in Milford, OH in 1838.

  7. Jason Carnley

    Dutch Fork Christian Church, in Claysville PA, might be the oldest Restoration Church in PA near Washington PA where the movement started.
    West Liberty Christian Church in west liberty PA might be old enough to be on your list.

  8. Bill Cox

    Hutsonville Christian Church, Hutsonville, Illinois, est. 1841. Hardinville Christian Church, Hardinville, Illinois, est. 1850. Little Prairie Christian Church, Albion, Illinois, est. 1823.. West Village Christian Church, (7 miles NW of Albion, Illinois), est. 1858. First Christian Church of West Salem, Illinois, est. 1858. Marion Christian Church (7 miles NW of West Salem, Illinois) est. 1845. White House Christian Church (3 miles NW of Bridgeport, Illinois) est. 1843. Pleasant Ridge Christian Church, (5 miles N of Lawrenceville, Illinois) est. 1834. Keensburg Christian Church, Keensburg, Illinois est. 1819. Lancaster Church of Christ, Lancaster, Illinois est. 1842. Lick Prairie Christian Church (7 miles SW of Lancaster, Illinois) est. 1828.
    All of these churches are still meeting regularly for worship each Lord’s Day in Southeastern, Illinois.

  9. Lamar Garrison

    Hales Chapel Christian Church, Gray Tennessee began in 1887

  10. Bruce Templeton

    1841 Ruddles Mill Christian Church Paris, Kentucky

  11. Victor Knowles

    The Hamburg Church of Christ was organized March 1861 in Hamburg, Iowa. Source: Taking a Stand by Victor Knowles & William E. Paul, (c) 1996. Published by College Press, 1996.

  12. Stephen Collins

    First Christian, Sturgis, Ky. 1839. Started as Cypress Creek Christian.

  13. David Schwartzkopf

    Orleans Church of Christ – est. 1853 – It is now a rural congregation located about 11 miles east of Centerville, IA (the county seat). The town nearest to it is Moulton, IA.

  14. Steven Braman

    Pleasant Hill Christian Church, Washington County, IA – 1836 originally Pleasant Hill church of Christ founded in the home of Isaac Briggs south of Washington, Iowa. First minister was Absalom Leeper.

  15. Frank Forehand

    Bethany Christian Church in Bumpass, VA. Started in 1828 by James M. Bagby.

    First Christian Church in Charlottesville, VA. Started in 1835.

  16. Mark Houpt

    Atlanta Christian Church – Atlanta IL. 1855

  17. Thomas A Chamberlin

    Ferris Church of Christ, Vestaburg, Michigan was started in the 1870’s and celebrated their 140th anniversary about 6 years ago.

  18. Thomas A Chamberlin

    First Christian Church, Lyons-Muir, Michigan was founded in 1856 by Isaac Errett

  19. Russ Kuykendall

    Organized by Walter Scott, Mayslick Christian Church, Mayslick, KY

  20. Stephen Collins

    Christian Church. Cave in Rock, IL 1892

  21. John Cornel

    Portland Mills Christian Church, rural Rockville, Indiana (eastern Parke County) was established in 1839 and still meets today. Interesting fact: Their original building was going to be underwater, because a Cecil Harden Lake was being built and they moved about a mile into an old Seceder Presbyterian church which was no longer meeting.

  22. Michael Goodwin

    Indian Creek Christian Church.
    51 Waits Road
    Cynthiana, Kentucky
    (859) 234-5223
    Senior Minister – Adam Wilson
    Founded 1803
    Oldest active Independent Christian church. 220 years

  23. John E Cornell

    According to their website, Ladoga Christian Church, Ladoga, Indiana was founded in 1847. Interesting fact: I read in their history that Alexander Campbell held a series of revivals in the area and he used Ladoga as his base while doing it.

  24. Tom Claibourne

    Bethlehem Church of Christ (Winchester, Ohio) – 1840

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