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By Mark A. Taylor

The CHRISTIAN STANDARD e newsletter is all new every week. You can get it in your e mail inbox absolutely free.

Each week it will contain:

At least one new sermon or lesson illustration by Paul Williams , drawn from that week’s news.

News bits from Christian churches newsworthy events that happened that week . Read them here before you could hear about them somewhere else.

Previews of upcoming articles in our print magazine, with links to our upgraded Web site where you can find the articles in total.

Links to everyday church news changes of ministry, upcoming events, and more. Read these items now, the same week they come to our office.

Links to Web only features , like letters to the editor we can’t squeeze into our weekly 16 pages or background material and expanded versions of articles in the print magazine.

The e newsletter will be a quick read. It will be about people you know and what they’re doing that week. It will interest you and help you interact with members of our fellowship around the world.

This will happen, though, only if you take two steps:

Sign in. Subscribe to the e newsletter by sending an e mail to with “newsletter” in the subject line.

Stay in touch. The e newsletter gives you a way to quickly share news we’re not reporting now: what happened at your church this week .

Did you dedicate a new building? Attract a high attendance? Give a record offering? Pledge a surprising amount to missions? Beat your capital campaign goal? Baptize more than usual? Try a different program? Use an inspiring theme? Welcome a famous speaker? Penetrate your community? Do something funny?

Just jot a couple of sentences with the facts and send them to our “Buzz” reporter at Include a phone number where you can be reached for more information if necessary. Some of these items will appear later in our published “Buzz” column, but meanwhile more of them can appear now in the C hristian Standard e newsletter.

In this day of instant messaging and 24 hour cable news networks, our e newsletter will allow you to stay in touch with other Christian leaders this week about what happened this week .

It can happen if you will sign on and stay in touch.

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