When You Begin a Food Pantry

By Ruth Herron and Anita Smelser


• Remember God is in charge. Reach out in love without being judgmental.

• Keep your ministry visible. Let the congregation know what you’re doing.

• Involve men, women, teens and children in this ministry.

• Be accountable. Keep monthly reports of families served.

• Be safe. Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations. Work smart.

• Explore “food recovery” in your community.

• Train your volunteers in safe food practices.

• Join your local food pantry agency.

• Have a set distribution day for staple items.

• Be respectful of your recipients and their privacy.

• Be knowledgeable about other food pantries in your area.

• Pray with your volunteers.

• Invite your recipients to church. Let them know about your congregation.

• Include information about upcoming church events, Bibles, etc. in the bags.

• Build relationships.

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