by Kent Fillinger/Ben Simms

This is our first Medium-Sized Churches chart for churches that averaged 500-999 for worship. This listing of 66 churches includes church name, city, senior minister, Web site, average attendance for 2008, and number of baptisms. (This is not a complete listing of such churches; it is a listing of Medium-Sized Churches that participated in our survey.)

The chart/pdf that is accessible below contains the entire 66-church listing.

Click here to look at this chart of the 2008 MEDIUM-SIZED CHURCHES.





This listing is part of The 2008 Medium-Sized Church Report: Deluxe Edition, which is available as a downloadable resource at for only $14.99. Item number D021535910.

This report contains complete survey findings that will help you evaluate your ministry and strengthen your church. Topics covered in the report include:

• Attendance and growth trends

• Baptism ratios and trends

• Leadership profiles of the senior ministers

• Multisite insights

• Worship styles and services

• Giving and debt statistics

• Church staffing

• Outreach and missions giving and involvement 

• Church demographics 

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