Restoration Revolution


by Russell Johnson

More people are coming to Christ today than at any time since the resurrection. A sense of urgency has gripped the hearts of many leaders praying, “God give us your vision for this mission . . . ”. Many astute observers of Christian history are convinced the Restoration Movement is on the threshold of a worldwide impact.

National Missionary Convention Director Dave Empson and key leaders across America recently began a collaboration to share Jesus with all peoples. Beginning in 2010, “Restoration Revolution” is a 10-year kingdom venture that will focus on four arteries of mission based on the acrostic ACTS:



Ask the Lord in prayer.

We need a revival of Spirit-filled, passionate prayer for future leaders. Jesus told his disciples the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37). Pray for future leaders. When Acts 4:31 is lived out, verses 32-34 will be realized.

Is it possible that during the next 10 years every known unreached people group (6,700 of them) will be adopted and embraced in daily faithful prayer so that Christ’s love and hope will be made known to them? David Butts from Harvest Prayer Ministries is working with others toward that goal.


Leaders across America are preparing to launch 1,000 New Testament churches in the United States during this 10-year window. Dave Limiero, working with Stadia church planters, in collaboration with a host of other church-planting missions, is focused on this effort.

We also desire to see 1,000 church planting movements birthed around the world during 2010–20. Doug Lucas of TEAM Expansion is working with other effective mission teams to “launch out into the deep.”



Translations and technology tools in the hands of capable leaders will yield a great harvest. Resources will give devoted leaders the tools to be more effective in discipling.

We seek to mobilize U.S. churches to partner to translate and distribute Scripture, along with creating evangelistic and discipleship tools in the languages of 100 unreached people groups during the 2010–20 window. Greg Pruett of Pioneer Bible Translators will work with several teams towards this mission.



A foundational goal of Restoration Revolution is to help churches, camps, and colleges raise up 10,000 new laborers during this 10-year window. NMC and Christian colleges and universities, camps, Christ In Youth, and other disciple-

building endeavors are working together with an eye toward hosting 1,000 future leaders for a prayer service of dedication at Rupp Arena during the 2010 convention in Lexington, Kentucky.

Campus ministries will begin a new effort to identify and deploy a wave of foreign students who will be returning to their homelands, not only as leaders in their culture, but as missionaries of the gospel of Christ. We are also looking for men and women who are involved in international business and who see their trade as vehicles for God’s Word.

Restoration Revolution will succeed when Christians across the land and around the world commit to reaching these goals. New developments are happening every day. To stay up-to-date and to decide where you fit in, go to




Russell Johnson is director of leadership development for the National Missionary Convention. 

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