Story of Abuse, Rescue Featured on ‘Oprah’

On Tuesday, Oprah Winfrey devoted her show to the story of Kathie and Kellie Henderson, sisters who were molested and abused by their father and brothers for years—and the family from Countryside Christian Church (Wichita, KS) who rescued them.

Jim Vasey, an elder at Countryside and a member of the board of trustees at Ozark Christian College (Joplin, MO), and his wife, Shelly, lived in the same neighborhood as the girls but never suspected the abuse. When the sisters finally confided in them, the Vaseys contacted the police and walked with the girls through the difficult days that followed.

Shelly and Jim—with the girls’ blessing—even took steps to contact the brothers in jail; Jim baptized one of them recently.

For more on this amazing story, click here to read the Wichita Eagle’s in-depth coverage.

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  1. Annette
    February 12, 2011 at 7:52 am

    I plead the BLOOD of JESUS over all of the babies, and GOD’S children in general. I have two girls of my own, and could not imagine. May GOD continue to BLESS, and keep each and everyone of you

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