Inexpensive Downloads to Help Your Ministry

By Mark A. Taylor

Here’s a reminder about a whole host of inexpensive, downloadable resources available for your church now. As you anticipate the after-summer ramp-up of activities and ministries, which of the following would help your ministry most?

For new members and nonmembers—Our most popular “What Kind of Church Is This?” gives you 8 full-color pages that explain the unique and beautiful nondenominational position of Christian churches and churches of Christ. “Simply Christians,” which originally appeared in The Lookout, is a 12-page overview to accomplish the same purpose. One user called “Simply Christians” “the best short-form overview of the Restoration Movement that I have seen.”

For church leaders—“Hiring a New Minister” gives step-by-step suggestions and resources for a process many groups of elders are facing for the first time. “Ordination: Who? Why? When?” explains the practice and helps churches assess the candidate.

For exploring important doctrines—“Baptism: 7 Practical Perspectives” offers not only scriptural insights but also personal testimony from Bible professors and preachers. “The Lord’s Supper: A Memory and More” examines the power, purpose, and promise of Communion.

“Considering Calvinism” is Jack Cottrell’s four-part series examining every aspect of a doctrine dearly held and widely reviled by followers of Christ.

“A Conversation with Skeptics” offers Jeff Vines’s response to three questions plaguing many: Why is there evil in the world? Why does God allow pain and suffering? How could a loving God send anyone to Hell?

For everyday believers—Brian Mavis suggests “How to Listen to a Sermon.” His simple ideas are based on Scripture and include action steps anyone can take.

Find each of these at the Standard Publishing site, (Or, for fuller descriptions of all of these items—except “Simply Christians”—and links to the Standard Publishing site, go to the Downloads section of this website.) You can click, pay the nominal fee, and download in just a few easy steps to get a resource that will help you and those you’re serving in many important ways.

While you’re at it, you might click the Subscribe Now link at the top of our website’s home page. Many churches could use more copies of this magazine this fall than your current order allows. Our website makes it easy for you to get the copies you need.

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