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Emmanuel Offers Web-based Degree Completion

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By Jennifer Taylor

Last month, Emmanuel Christian Seminary (Johnson City, TN) began offering a new independent study course called “Current Trends in Theological Education” to help students complete unfinished degrees. The online course is designed for previous Emmanuel students who have been absent from course work for more than five years and have completed every degree requirement except the thesis.

The new course covers each of the five academic areas studied at ECS””Old Testament, New Testament, church history, doctrine, and Christian ministries. In each area students will complete about 400 pages of reading, review lectures by various faculty members, and write a five- to seven-page paper.

Because the new program is available to students regardless of location, students will use an online portal to download lectures and upload assignments; and since it is an independent study, participants may take one semester, two, or even an entire year to complete the work.

“This is a grand opportunity for those who may have long felt the weight of not completing their degree,” says academic dean Dr. Jack Holland. “With a “˜current trends” focus, it will also be a practical and challenging course the potential graduates will be glad to have as part of their education at Emmanuel.”

To participate, students must reapply to the program and complete the new course within one year.


“”Jennifer Taylor


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