What About Diet?

By Dale Holzbauer

No exercise program can succeed without attention to diet. Most readers already know that Americans eat too much salt, fat, and sugar. Here’s what I’ve learned and how I handle my diet.

I have found it is beneficial to eat a good breakfast consisting of whole grains, fruit, and egg whites. Lunch consists of fish or fowl and a vegetable or two. For supper I have soup, whole grains, a small portion of meat, veggies, fruit, and a reasonable dessert.

Through the course of the day, I snack on unprocessed nuts, raisins, and yogurt to combat cravings. Excellent advice on diet is available from your doctor, various websites, and books and articles.

Forget Paula Deen, austere diets, and fad diets. Eat a variety of good foods and you will see and feel the benefits. Now and then, depending on your health, reward yourself with a treat.

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