What’s Happening with Wayne?

Editor’s note: We asked Wayne Smith collaborator Rod Huron to give us an update on Wayne’s activities these days.

During May, Wayne’s schedule included a banquet sponsored by the International Conference on Missions (formerly National Missionary Convention) and speaking at a banquet to raise money for Sayre Christian Village in Lexington, Kentucky: “They started in 1972 to build a home for the elderly, and now they have 25 acres and 250 apartments, plus a medical unit. It hasn’t been easy, but look at where they’re going—a $12 million expansion.”

He also spoke at a banquet sponsored by Women for Life, a group that has honored Wayne for his well-known pro-life stance. “They started with four women from Southland, and I’ve encouraged them every way I could. Since 1985 we saved 2,203 babies.” Through sales of his book Treasures from My Basement, Wayne has given $8,500 to Women for Life.

On Mondays and Fridays, Wayne goes to water aerobics, and on Wednesdays, to Zumba!

Wayne attends the service at Southland Christian Church on Saturday evening; on Sundays he goes to different churches.

“In April I went to Momentum Christian, and a few weeks ago spoke to a senior citizens group at the Baptist church on South Broadway. People keep calling me asking for financial help, and with their problems. I also assist in funerals.”

Afternoons are spent with Marge. A woman comes into the Smith home from 7:00 in the evening until the next morning; another woman comes from 7:00 until 1:00, and Wayne is on duty during the afternoon.

According to Wayne, “We’re doing fine.”

—Rod Huron

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  1. Eric
    June 19, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    I would pay money to see Wayne Zumba!!! So glad to hear he is still active.

  2. Mike Sandlin
    June 24, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    I am in a long line of preachers who were raised on the unofficial Smith & Russell school of preaching.Thanks for the update. Many, like myself are called and are sustained in ministry not by the praise of man but the love of our Savior via examples of such men.

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