Church’s Leaders Recast Gospels into 14 Chapters

By Jennifer Johnson

After working through The Story, a popular new curriculum that organizes Scripture into 31 chapters to tell the story of the Bible, Chandler (AZ) Christian Church was ready for more. “We wanted to study Jesus for an extended amount of time,” says pastor of changing ministries Matt Myers. “It makes new disciples out of seekers and better disciples out of believers.”

Instead of buying another ready-made resource, Myers, senior pastor Roger Storms, and executive pastor Don Anderson used the research of Robert Thomas and Stanley Gundry (A Harmony of the Gospels), as well as The Chronological Life of Christ by Mark Moore, to harmonize the four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and place the events in chronological order. The team also wrote short transitions to explain changes in location or provide context for readers.

“The final text was proofed by Peachtree Editorial, a company that edits many of the Bibles available on the market, and we worked with Tyndale to publish it in the New Living Translation,” Myers says.

The result is His Story, a 14-chapter book available in paperback and as an e-book for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony, and most e-reading apps. The Chandler team also developed a church kit with sermon outlines, small group questions, children’s curriculum, and graphics.

His Story is “like getting Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in a men’s quartet to sing a single harmonized song,” says Moore. “All four narratives flow together to form a rich and comprehensive tapestry of the life of Jesus.” Learn more at 

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  1. January 21, 2014 at 9:23 am

    How can I get copies of the discussion questions for the series HIS Story?

    ANSWER FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR: Try following this link,, and filling out the “Contact Us” form.

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