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40 Under 40: Erin McDade


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07_40_McDade 2-mhERIN McDADE
Assistant director of
emester in Ministry/storyteller, 
Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, Maryland

Someone has said leadership is essentially influence. Another axiom is that leadership boils down to character. Erin McDade embodies both at once! Her powerful influence flows out of her genuine love of Jesus and other people. The result is a contagious spirit that brings life to others. Her sincerity and authentic joy overflow in a way that is infectious to any team. Her insights deepen discussion; her people skills help a team move forward. When a person brightens the room and strengthens the gifts of others on a team, that”s great leadership.

Everywhere Erin has served, whether with Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship, as a CMF International missionary in Mexico, at Emmanuel Christian Seminary, or on our staff at Mountain Christian Church, she has been a star””an unassuming standout, the one the team would vote MVP or “best loved” or both.

She fills four hugely influential roles. One is “storyteller” at Mountain, meaning she collects stories of life change where God is at work””and helps us retell those stories in the right time and the right place. Many of our most powerful moments at Mountain involve videos, interviews, or stories Erin has helped tell. She also works with our Semester in Ministry program, which shapes the hearts and habits of Milligan College students as part of our “teaching hospital” approach (and there is no one I”d rather have leaving their imprint on students who will lead tomorrow”s church). She is also a pastor”s wife, and a nurturing, attentive mother to their precious girls””modeling a life of high influence investment in the home as well as in the church.

“”Ben Cachiaras, senior pastor, Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, Maryland


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