40 Under 40: Jeremy Brown


Lead pastor,
Journey Church,
Medina, Tennessee

You need spend only a little time with Jeremy to see he is an influencer. He has charisma and witty charm that makes him an easy guy to be around. But he stands out as a leader because of his generosity and vision.

Many leaders in their later years begin to mentor others and look to leave a legacy; Jeremy is doing that naturally in his 30s. He is very generous with his time, willing to coach peers and the next round of church planters. Jeremy leaves a footprint of
encouragement with every pastor and church planter he meets.

Jeremy is a visionary. He sees how small ripples, like sponsoring a child in poverty, make a big kingdom impact. He leverages his own church, just over two years old, and spreads its resources wide to impact its local community and church planting around the world. Jeremy will help many churches and pastors leverage their resources in similar ways in the coming years, multiplying the impact of his influence.

Doug Foltz, director of project management and coaching, Stadia 

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