40 Under 40: Jon Weece

07_40_Weece1-mhJON WEECE
Lead follower, 
Southland Christian Church 
Lexington, Kentucky

The new pope is giving hope to many because he’s a Jesuit. He’s humble and cares for the poor. He’s named for St. Francis.

Jon Weece gives me the same hope. He has the heart of a missionary and the humility and leadership of Moses. He comes from some of the finest stock in the Christian church and carries the Weece name proudly.

Southland is innovative, but not to be chic. The church exhibited its innovation by starting a huge campus in the middle
of an under-resourced area, which has enabled it to reach people of all classes and ethnicities. All this in Lexington, Kentucky!

Jon took the legacy of Wayne Smith and Mike Breaux and added a completely new level to one of our finest churches. I’m excited for all the leaders listed in this issue, because this generation gets the heart of Jesus—none more than Jon Weece. You can call him Francis.

Tim Harlow, senior pastor, Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, Illinois

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  1. Avatar
    Mike & Carolyn Nuthman
    July 21, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    I read with interest Jon’s title, “Lead Follower.” If I understand the term correctly, may I say it’s the most insightful title for closing the gap between clergy and laity that we’ve ever heard. Tim, not certain whether you assigned the title or whether Jon did; either way, it’s wonderful.

    We have appreciated the Weece family over the years… they have the “heritage of them that fear the Lord.” Tim, what a beautifully written gesture towards a fellow minister.

    Watching the “younger generation” with pride and a humble spirit,
    Mike & Carolyn Nuthman

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