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40 Under 40: Justin Miller


by | 11 July, 2013 | 4 comments

07_40_Miller1-mhJUSTIN MILLER
Lead pastor, 
Real Life Christian Church, 
Clermont, Florida

If you asked Justin Miller how he plans to influence ministry in the coming years, he”d likely shrug his shoulders and respond quizzically, “I don”t really know. I guess we”ll just keep doing what we”ve been doing.” And precisely what have Justin and Real Life Christian Church been doing?

Well, over the past dozen years, Justin and the Real Life team have sensed a call to revitalize declining””or downright dead “”churches through an endeavor they call Vision Orlando. It started with their home campus in Clermont, where Justin grew up and became a Christ follower. Justin developed a deep love for his home congregation, so when he eventually transitioned into the role of lead pastor there, he prayed that the church””which had slowly stagnated””would become a place where a community of real people could experience real life in a real way. And God honored those prayers.

Real Life grew from a core group of a few dozen people to a crowd of several thousand in less than a decade, and now the church is influencing the entire Central Florida region. Two struggling churches in the area that merged with Real Life saw their collective attendance increase from fewer than 100 to more than 600 in just over two years. A third new Real Life campus was added in February 2013, with another one slated to be added later this year.

While it”s exciting to witness staggering growth and successful new campuses,  Justin is quick to point out the results that really matter: transformed lives . . . and lots of them.

“”Mike Kocolowski, chief operating officer, Christian Financial Resources and director, Florida Church Partners

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  1. Sylvia McMenamin

    Thank you God for sending Justin Miller to us!

  2. Keri Elam

    We love that guy, Justin Miller! God speaks through him in amazing ways every weekend!

  3. Marilynn Soto

    I am so amazed with your TV program “Real Talk.”

    I was watching it today with my mom and she brought to my attention that you went to Florida Christian College.

    WOW!!! I was so impressed to see another of our graduates doing so much for the Kingdom of God.

    I can see you are doing things God’s way. Because when God’s work is done God’s way, it will never lack God’s

    Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for the Kingdom of God. Praise the Lord for the wonderful workers like you.

    You have been an encouragement to me. I get so discouraged when some of our wonderful men in the faith fall.

    Thank you for following the light of the path He has chosen for you.

    God bless you and your family,

    Because of Him,

    Marilynn Soto

  4. Peggy Wagner

    We just love our pastors at Real Life. Especially pastor J. His family is so sweet and is a great roll model for families with special needs children like ours. Pastor J and his sweet wife made it possible for my Granddaughter Chloe to meet Tim Tebow when he was here. I was lonely and God led me to this Church. Now I’m busy and have lots of friends and lots of sweet people to love. I’m plugged in with a home group and other works that God has led me to. Thank you God for Real Life. What a great blessing.✨❤️

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