40 Under 40: Justine Hayes

Missionary serving with CMF International

My first dealings with Justine were through e-mail. Justine works with Missions of Hope in Kenya. Our church was planning a mission trip to the slums outside Nairobi, and Justine was our contact person. I assumed she was a retired woman who had moved to Kenya to help the mission there.

07_40_Hayes4-mhA few months later I was in Kenya to attend a Christian Missionary Fellowship board meeting. Imagine my surprise when someone knocked on our cabin door as my roommate and I were settling in for the night. The visitor was to be our third roommate that evening. She was cute as a button, very vivacious and bubbly, and caring. We had a lot of fun with her that evening. Her name was Justine. The same Justine.

That evening we learned more about Justine. Although she was going through a personal challenge, it was evident she had trust in Jesus and had determined to follow him. She was committed to him and also the mission.

Many folks who have traveled to Nairobi have worked with Justine. She is the person to go to with any question and she keeps track of a zillion details for each group. She works with both Americans and Kenyans to make the trip a good one.

Last year Justine and Ryan Hayes, a team member with CMF, made a commitment to each other in marriage and are seeking how best to serve the Lord. They will be moving to another African country to be near Ryan’s brother, whom they will work alongside in ministry.

How will a committed, personable, caring, capable young woman be able to influence ministry? We are not sure of the upcoming details, but based upon her past, we know she will do her best!

Judy Johnson, missions minister, LifeSpring Christian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

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