40 Under 40: Laura Buffington


Spiritual formation pastor,
Southbrook Christian Church,
Miamisburg, Ohio

“The word of God is powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword” is a truth that comes vividly to life in the preaching and teaching of Laura Buffington. Laura has an uncanny sensitivity into the aspirations and anxieties of others—including those very different from herself—so that her preaching touches the deepest center of needs in her listeners, offering comfort and conviction, understanding and inspiration. She is attuned to current cultural trends, while also being deeply grounded in Scripture. Her sermons bring the heart of Scripture to touch the hearts of listeners.

In addition to teaching and preaching in her local congregation, Laura is in demand as a speaker for conferences, particularly for college students and young people, and this summer she will be leading a workshop at the NACC (“When School Feels Like an Island: Community and Revelation”). Laura is also a writer; you will want to check out her columns on the SouthBrook website blog Post Script, where she may recommend books and music, offer devotional insights, or guide readers to and through life-changing activities. Two other current projects are an article for Leaven magazine and a book celebrating the life-giving projects in Jamaica headed up by ACE (American Caribbean Experience), one of Southbrook Christian Church’s ministry partners.

Pat Magness, retired professor, Milligan College in Tennessee, and member of Standard Publishing’s Publishing Committee 

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