40 Under 40: Nick Parsons

07_40_Parsons1-mhNICK PARSONS
Orchard Group,
New York

I have been fortunate to watch Nick’s leadership grow since his days in college. Nick has shown himself to be very

courageous while pursuing wisdom as a foundation for his work. He has lived in Los Angeles, Thailand, and Japan and has displayed his wise and strong leadership in each of those contexts. He cofounded Mustard Seed Global Fellowship and has seen it become a healthy church planting group in Japan.

He is now working with Orchard Group on both recruitment and deployment of new church planters. I expect a new momentum for urban church planting to result from Nick’s leadership in that role.

Nick has shown himself willing to go into a new context and dare great things for God. While many young leaders are not afraid of challenges, Nick is willing to ask the right questions, submit to older leaders, and hold true to ancient truths while still attempting creative projects. Nick’s personal charisma is a gift, but I most enjoy working with him because of his absolute commitment to the kingdom of God—specifically with regard to how the church must manifest that for long-term change in this world.

Robert P. Maupin, associate professor of intercultural studies, Lincoln (Illinois) Christian University

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