40 Under 40: Rachel Oblon

Missional life pastor,
Parkcrest Christian Church,
Long Beach, California

Rachel may be one of the best young leaders you have not yet heard about, but my guess is your children will remember her if they’ve been to Christ In Youth conferences. They have been moved by her stories, conviction, and passion as they’ve heard her speak over the past several years. What they don’t get to hear about are the ways this young woman, who is barely 30, influences a church of people who are mostly older than she.

She leads with humility, coupled with a conviction of following the way of Jesus that inspires not only students at CIY, but adults of all ages at our church. She’s been able to develop systems and structures to empower large groups of people to live their lives on mission.

In addition to her good work at our church, Rachel has become influential in the city of Long Beach, where she is an advocate and a voice for the voiceless. If you want to see what the church will look like when you combine passion, influence, and the ability to create systems and structures of empowerment, start paying attention to Rachel.

Mike Goldsworthy, lead pastor, Parkcrest Christian Church, Long Beach, California

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