40 Under 40: Rich Gorman & Dori Gorman

Campus pastors, 
Community Christian Church, 
Edgewater, Illinois

My former students Rich and Dori Gorman are an extraordinary pastoral couple with outstanding leadership gifts and a passion to reach urban people via the church. Their marriage and family are models for young couples and families. They are on the cutting edge of missional church planting and are creating a new model for new church development that reaches people who live in the margins.

They are all about relationships and helping to empower people to find their gifts so every person is able to figure out his or her contribution to the body of Christ, regardless of social status. Rich and Dori are also gifted mentors and are actively involved in the lives of young leaders.

It is difficult to assess the huge impact Rich and Dori will have on the church and the kingdom of God. They will change what the church looks like in the urban context, are pioneers in church planting, and are redefining what can be accomplished by a committed pastoral couple in love with each other and the church.

Tom Jones, executive director, Stadia 

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