40 Under 40: Shane Wood

07_40_Wood_JN-mhSHANE WOOD
Professor of New Testament, 
Ozark Christian College, 
Joplin, Missouri

Shane Wood is one of those rare jewels whose intellect is exceeded by his passion to make Jesus famous. His scholarship is obvious to anyone who has ever sat under his teaching at Ozark Christian College or accessed the growing repository of online lectures he provides for free at shanejwood.com. He is, in my estimation, the foremost expert on the book of Revelation in the Restoration Movement.

However, what is most impressive about Shane is his heart for the dispossessed. For example, he is an active board member of Black Box, an organization that saves boys from the sex-slave industry. Or again, when Shane’s car was stolen, and his colleagues were infuriated, Shane prayed, without vengeance, for the thief.

He and his wife, Sarah, have had people live in their humble home most of their married life, even though they are raising three biological children of their own. I’ve never met a disciple more diligent to chase hard after Jesus, regardless of where that trajectory takes him. Because of that self-abnegation, Shane’s influence has been increasing exponentially. His maturity and contribution to the kingdom are well beyond what his years would predict.

Mark Moore, teaching pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, Arizona

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