Two Christian College Presidents Announce Resignations
David Ray of Lincoln Christian University (left) and David Faust of Cincinnati Christian University will be stepping down.
David H. Ray of Lincoln Christian University (left) and David Faust of Cincinnati Christian University will be stepping down.

By Jennifer Johnson

Two Christian college presidents have announced their resignations: Dr. Keith H. Ray from Lincoln (IL) Christian University and Dr. David Faust from Cincinnati (OH) Christian University.

Ray began his administrative career in higher education as dean of students at Dallas Christian College in 1990 and later served as DCC’s president for four years. He began his presidency at LCU in 1998 and will end his service with the school in May.

Ray will be moving to St. Louis to work with Christian Homes Inc. in leadership development and external relations. In a letter to the LCU community, Board of Trustees Chairman Gene Harker said, “We are grateful for his 16 years of exemplary service to LCU. He has faithfully honored God in his efforts and consistently worked to advance the Kingdom in his relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Faust will also stay in his role through May 2014. He has served at CCU for 20 years, eight as a professor and 12 as president.

“Candy and I have given our all to this job,” wrote Faust. “We love CCU and we will continue to be strong advocates for the school. We believe passionately in CCU’s mission, and we treasure the positive relationships we enjoy with students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors, board members, church and community leaders, and other stakeholders.”

At the conclusion of his presidency Faust will transition to a ministry staff position with the East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN, where he served as senior minister from 1999 to 2002. He will also serve as CCU’s part-time chancellor at the discretion of the new president, assisting with public relations and fund-raising.

Read more about Ray’s announcement here and Faust’s here.

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