Need Some Advice?

Feb12_Advice_JNAlmost everybody loves to GIVE advice, but whether or not we TAKE advice may depend on who’s giving it!

Here at CHRISTIAN STANDARD, we’re wondering, Whose advice would help you most in your Christian life and Christian service?

We’re planning a whole issue around this theme. “The Best (and Worst!) Advice I Ever Received.”

Our question to you: Whom should we ask?

We’ll recruit several dozen Christian leaders to tell us the advice they received and how it turned out for them. Who should be on our list?

Please send an e-mail today to tell us. It should simply say,


Please ask <Insert Name Here> to tell us the best or worst advice they ever received. We want to read it in the July issue!

Please send your e-mail to

Put “Advice” in the subject line.

Please let us hear from you by our February 28 deadline!

Our advice to you: Don’t pass up this chance to help CHRISTIAN STANDARD create an issue everyone will be talking about!

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