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By Mark A. Taylor

When CHRISTIANS STANDARD’s print edition converted from weekly to monthly distribution almost two years ago, some potential subscribers said, “I’d read every issue—on my iPad.”

July1_MT_JNWell, now they can.

The new, free CHRISTIANS STANDARD app is available today for every smartphone and tablet, and we think you should download it today. (Search for “Christian Standard” at the Apple Newsstand, Google Play, or Amazon apps.)

When you try the app, you’ll discover:

• A wealth of free content. The whole July issue is there! Plus a valuable compilation of “Ministry Today” columns by regular columnists Tim Harlow and Eddie Lowen. And the first chapter of Tim’s new book Life on Mission: God’s People Finding God’s Heart for the World.

• The whole monthly issue available at one time. We will continue to post articles at our website throughout the month from each new issue. But users of our digital editions will have the whole issue on their device in one spot and earlier than print readers receive it (usually at least a couple of weeks ahead of the cover date). And, by the way, there’s quite a bit of content in our monthly print edition that never makes it onto our website. Subscribers to our digital edition will discover how much they’ve been missing by depending on our website alone.

• More than a digital version. But this is much more than a simple screen version of the print pages. Swipe through our sample issue, and you’ll find . . .

More than 100 links to related content. Tap each article, and you’ll be led to its web version, where you can add your comments for other web readers to see. Other links take you to authors’ Facebook or Twitter accounts, their personal blogs, or our web archive of what they’ve written for Christian Standard.

Special app-only links lead to articles on our website with material related to the article you’re reading. And there are video links throughout the edition as well as links to websites from every advertiser.

Unique ways to save or share. Like something you see in the magazine? A simple two-finger tap allows you to “clip” and send it to your choice of social media sites or e-mail accounts. And you can download your favorites to your personal “Stream” where you can save them for future reference.

• An inexpensive alternative. Subscribe to our digital edition and you’ll find it on your device fresh and new every month. We know you’ll love it, so we’ve made getting each new issue affordable and accessible. You’ll love our flexible payment options.

This is our promise to you: Now CHRISTIANS STANDARD is more practical, helpful, and usable than ever. More than a magazine, our new app provides you with an integrated environment of inspiration, study, and ideas.

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1 Comment

  1. Michelle
    July 2, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Great start, Pastor Jim!
    It is clear that you have a gift for articulating your thoughts and a unique ability to explain the gospel in a clear and concise way. I am looking forward to reading your up and coming contributions to this magazine. I am sure your predecessor will not be disappointed!

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