Loving God Wholeheartedly
Indu Lall
Indu Lall

By Indu Lall

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

“God has made us relational beings. He has given us the commandments for our best. When it comes to living a Christian life, ‘love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.’”

I received this “best advice” from my Heavenly Father and my earthly parents. My parents were committed servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. They sacrificially served lepers all of their lives in a very remote village of India. If God wanted them to have an easy, comfortable, happy, luxurious life—and if materialism were a top priority—they could have chosen to live in any metro city of India or in any other country.

My mother had opportunities to teach in universities, but she decided to be a Christian homemaker.

Because of their excellent example, I have learned to love God and honor him. Through their sacrificial services to the lepers, the utmost dejected people, we learned how to be good neighbors to all.

Loving God wholeheartedly demands self-sacrifice, endurance, and submission. These virtues are essential for any relationship. They keep us away from pride, which is the root cause of many evil desires. This has provided contentment, joy, and strength to our family and ministry.

Indu Lall is a missionary with Central India Christian Mission.

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