Not Your Grandma’s Women’s Ministry

By Michael C. Mack

What comes to mind when you think of a typical women’s ministry event? Does it involve lacy tablecloths and flowery centerpieces? A gift exchange in which women pass gifts left or right as someone reads a story? Special music? A funny speaker? Craft tables in the lobby?

09_BP_race_JNmhAuthor Amy Nappa has some different ideas. Here are a few of the fresh and fun approaches to women’s ministry she suggests in Today’s Christian Woman magazine:

Adventure: One women’s group in Minnesota headed out for a four-day dogsledding trip. The woman who planned the trips said, “God works through the unexpected and the uncomfortable.” Of course, if your church is in Florida, dogsledding is probably out. What kind of adventure can you plan with the women in your church?

Mom’s night out. Invite single moms in your church and community to this event. Activities and child care are provided for the kids. Serve a gourmet dinner followed by options: a parenting class, individual prayer, or topical discussion groups. You can also include an opportunity to shop for donated, mom-appropriate items, get foot massages or haircuts, and provide other services single moms would appreciate.

Movie night. Show up with your pajamas and a pillow and watch a favorite chick flick with your girlfriends.

Paintball or laser tag. Leave the guys at home and take your teen girls with you for a night of active fun.

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