Christmas Icebreakers for Your Group or Class

christmas_ornamentsBy Michael C. Mack

1. Describe a time in your childhood when you were chosen for something (i.e., a team, an award or distinction, or an important task). How did it feel to be chosen?

2. What nativity-set traditions, if any, did your family have?

3. With which character in the Christmas story do you most identify? Why?

4. As a child, what were some of your family’s traditions leading up to Christmas Day? (For examples, an Advent wreath, candles, a calendar.) Do you have any traditions today?

5. As a young child, how did you anticipate the coming of Christmas Day?

• It can’t get here soon enough!

• It can’t be over soon enough!

• Other.

How would you answer the same question now?

6. What scene from It’s a Wonderful Life is your favorite? Can you quote a line from the film?

7. Which Christmas carol evokes the strongest memory for you and why?

8. If you could give any gift to anyone, what would you give, to whom, and why?

9. How are you lighting up your home for Christmas? Who is in charge of the lights and other decorations? Do you have any special traditions?

10. In 60 seconds, write down the titles of as many Christmas songs or carols as you can think of that mention angels. At the end of the 60 seconds, see who came up with the most titles and the most original song/carol.

11. Are you prepared for Christmas? Physically (home decorations, buying gifts)? Financially? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?

12. As you anticipate Christmas, what phrase or phrases best describe you?

• Oh no . . . there is so much to do!

• How long is your family staying?

• Do we have to buy a gift for every single person we know?

• What a wonderful time of year to reflect on the birth of Jesus and all the promises.

• I really miss the people who are not going to be with us this Christmas.

• Other.

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