Four Post-Resurrection Sunday Ideas

By Michael C. Mack

Resurrection Sunday has been a big deal all over the world ever since the first one! But it’s what happens after Resurrection Sunday that can make the most impact. Here are four tips from Outreach magazine that you can use to keep the momentum going.

04_BP_easter_JN1. Celebrate.

Capture all the stories and all the “wins” from Easter Sunday and celebrate them. Share the stories and successes with staff, volunteers, and the congregation on subsequent Sundays. Publicly champion all the people who stepped up to serve. Brag on all the behind-the-scenes people who rarely get much attention. Write thank-you cards to volunteers.

2. Evaluate.

While this year’s experience is still fresh in everyone’s minds, take time to assess everything. What did you do well? What can be improved upon? What opportunities did you miss? What do you want to do again next year? Ask various groups of people: guests, regular attendees, volunteers, the policemen who directed traffic, etc.

3. Put the tools away.

An old expression goes, “The job isn’t done until all the tools have been put away.” Store the props. Throw out old invite cards. Change the website. Strive to create a culture of excellence.

4. Rest and recharge.

Mother’s Day and other events are coming soon. Lots of people have worked hard to prepare for Easter. Be sure to take some time to recharge the batteries. Get away for some times of solitude. Date your spouses and kids.

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