The Incredible Opportunity of “I Don’t Know”

04_BP_questions_JNBy Michael C. Mack

It’s been said that teachers and facilitators should get comfortable with the words “I don’t know.”

When someone asks a question in a small group or class, it’s one of the best discipleship opportunities you will ever have! Rather than saying, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out,” try saying, “I don’t know, but let’s all research that before our next meeting. Here are some places you might find the answer. . . .” Suggest Bible passages to look up, sound biblical websites to explore, or a minister (or other leader or professor who is known for doctrinal understanding) to ask. If you don’t know of available resources in the moment, find out and e-mail the information to group members as soon as you can.

This gives ownership to group members and helps them learn how to discover answers for themselves. People retain information best when they discover it. And when they come to the next gathering ready to share, you’re also developing them as future leaders.

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