Annual Megachurch Lists

In 1997 CHRISTIAN STANDARD began publishing an annual listing of churches in our fellowship that averaged 1,000 or more in weekly worship attendance during the previous year.

Beginning with the 2005 list (published April 9, 2006), the magazine took a nod from national church growth writers and changed our definition of megachurch. Since that time, a church that averages 2,000 or more in weekly worship attendance is considered a megachurch, while a church averaging 1,000 to 1,999 weekly is considered an emerging megachurch.

We make a concerted effort each year to contact churches that average 1,000 or more in attendance, although some choose not to participate.

With the 2010 list, we further expanded to include large churches (average weekly attendance of 500 to 999) and medium churches (averaging 250 to 499). This is not an exhaustive listing; instead, it is a listing of churches that voluntarily participated in our survey.

Click on the following links to download pdfs of our megachurch charts from recent years.

2015 Megachurches

2014 Megachurches

2013 Megachurches

2012 Megachurches

2011 Megachurches

2010 Megachurches

2009 Megachurches

2008 Megachurches

2007 Megachurches

2006 Megachurches

2005 Megachurches

2004 Megachurches

2003 Megachurches

2002 Megachurches




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