The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Heard (5)

By Arron Chambers


Larry Lewis

Larry and his wife, Teri, are missionaries for Open Door Libraries in Berlin, Germany. He has a Bachelor of Theology in Missions from Ozark Christian College.

11_Best_Sermon4_JNLarry’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve heard on the identity of Jesus is “Was It a Waste?” by Dr. Roger Chambers of Florida Christian College (now Johnson University Florida), available at (Roger Chambers is Larry’s uncle and this columnist’s father.)

Why Larry likes this sermon: “This sermon changed my life. I first heard it about 15 years ago while editing tape files of Uncle Roger’s old sermons. It is an exposition of John 12 and the story of Mary anointing Jesus with expensive perfume. This sermon uses a combination of deep biblical insight, real-world application and illustrations, and solid background study challenging the listener to use logic and rational thought to consider their response to the most basic and important question in history: Jesus of Nazareth, what think ye of him? I have preached this sermon in various forms in the U.S. and here in Europe.”

Gerrard Fess

Gerrard Fess is originally from Selkirk, Ontario, Canada. He serves as preacher at Bonnie Brae Church of Christ in Henrico, Virginia. He is a graduate of Mid-Atlantic Christian University. He married his college sweetheart, Valerie, and is the father of Kendra, Nicole, and Brian.

Gerrard’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve heard on not giving up is “Why I Won’t Quit” by E.V. Hill, longtime preacher of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California, who died in 2003 (available at

Why Gerrard liked this sermon: “It was and is a challenge to believers not to give up in the midst of trials. We need people to carry on in the ministry.” The sermon is inspiring for those “first starting out in ministry and [is] a good reminder for those in the midst of the work in the trenches.”

Bob Blanshan

Bob Blanshan is the fourth of nine kids raised just six miles from the Canadian border in Warroad, Minnesota, where his parents were planting a church. He now serves much farther south as the children and family minister at Forest Park Church of Christ in Crowley, Louisiana. He is the proud husband of Sarah, and father of two little girls, Bethel and Eden. Bob grew up listening to great preaching and knowing many faithful preachers.

Bob’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve ever heard on the church is “Why I Love the Church” by Bob Russell, former pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The sermon is available at

Why Bob likes this sermon: “It seems that Jesus is ‘in,’ but the church is not. In this sermon, Bob Russell calmly and candidly reminds us that Christ loves his bride, and tells us why we should too. It is a message that is both encouraging and convicting. And, as we all know, Bob Russell is always good.”

Matt Summers

Matt Summers is lead pastor/planter of Crossroads Christian Church in Joliet, Illinois, a multiethnic, urban church that’s grown from 30 people to 850 people in weekend attendance the past eight years. Matt is married to Janice and has four kids.

Matt’s Best Sermon: The best sermon I’ve ever heard on men’s issues/struggles is SAMSON (actually the whole series) by Craig Groeschel, pastor for (

Why Matt likes this sermon: “I love this series because it challenges men to be leaders in their homes, to find freedom from their failures, and to address the struggles in their lives that are common to men.”

Arron Chambers serves as lead minister with Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado. 

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