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The Best Sermon I”ve Ever Heard (23)

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By Arron Chambers

Christian leaders, some of them preachers themselves, tell us about a sermon they can”t forget””and maybe you won”t either.


Kevin Wise
Kevin Wise was raised in the church but lived in the world. After two years in college, he left school to party and deal drugs for a couple of years. He then returned to college, where he took anatomy and physiology classes that made him more aware of a designer and creator. As he studied the Bible, his life totally changed. He became a minister and served with the North County Church of Christ in Escondido, California, for 20 years and with The Metro Church in Denver, Colorado, for 12 years. He has since moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, to be a support for his son who now serves as a minister with Shiloh Christian Church.

Kevin”s Best Sermon: The best sermon I”ve heard regarding Easter is “Easter Unsealed” by Rick Atchley, the preacher at The Hills Church in Dallas, Texas. It is available at http://bit.ly/2kZxi0T.

Why Kevin likes this sermon: “Rick”s sermons are very biblical and practical. This sermon points out how God removed the seal and brought Jesus back to life. Easter unseals death for us, and it unseals the power of evil and the devil. Easter is a shadow of our future! The sermon ends with people giving testimonies about how God has unsealed sin and death for them.”

KJ Tencza
KJ Tencza, a graduate of Milligan College, is a pastor at Christ Community Church in Greeley, Colorado, a beekeeper in the Northern Plains, a bow hunter in the Rocky Mountains, and a storyteller in the local coffee shops. KJ and his wife, Yendra, have two adventurous children, Zion and Yara. As a family, their motto is “Find the sacred in the simple.”

KJ”s Best Sermon: One of the best sermons I have heard on the topic of practical implications of Christian living is “Shining Like Stars in the Sky” by Matt Krick, senior pastor with Bay Marin Community Church in San Rafael, California. The sermon can be heard at http://baymarin.org/resources/sermons/shining-like-stars-in-the-sky/.

Why KJ likes this sermon: “”˜Shining Like Stars in the Sky” speaks directly to the call and heartbeat of the Christian looking for direction on how to live, think, and pray in today”s systems and culture. The sermon is deeply rooted in Scripture. Krick addresses current conflicts and internal struggles one might feel living as an American Christian in the 21st century.”

Jeff Rosenberry
Jeff Rosenberry grew up in a Christian home in Kokomo, Indiana. He attended Milligan College in Tennessee and later Cincinnati Bible Seminary in Ohio. After dabbling in the ski industry for a few years, Jeff has spent the last 18 years doing ministry, mostly as a student pastor, in Colorado and Southern California. In 2006, God blessed Jeff with a beautiful wife, Sarah. The couple have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Brooklyn and Olivia.

In October 2014, God laid it on the couple”s heart to plant a church. Nearly two years later, on September 11, 2016, Revive Christian Church had its grand opening in Loveland, Colorado. Revive is a church on a mission to “help people far from God come to LIFE in Christ.”

Jeff”s Best Sermon: The best sermon I have ever heard on the importance of reaching people for Jesus, titled “Lost Sheep,” is from Jeff Vines, lead pastor with Christ”s Church of the Valley in San Dimas, California. The sermon can be viewed at www.ccvsocal.com/watch/detail/85/.

Why Jeff likes this sermon: “This sermon spoke the things God had already laid on my heart for Revive, and it was delivered exactly when I needed to hear it. This message ignites and encourages passionate commitment to loving people where they are, no matter how their story reads; it points them to Jesus.

Tony Sullivan
Tony Sullivan has been a Christian for 57 years. The Atlanta Christian College graduate has done additional studies at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. He was in full-time evangelism for many years and has been the evangelist with the Lester Road Christian Church, Fairburn, Georgia, for 15 years. He has served as an associate evangelist with the Christian Restoration Association for the past 23 years. He and his wife, Suzanne, will celebrate their 50th anniversary this June. They have two sons and seven grandchildren.

Tony”s Best Sermon: The best sermon I”ve heard on being courageous in the Christian life is “Courageous Christians” by Glen Bourne, former president and professor at Florida Christian College (now Johnson University Florida). The sermon can be heard at http://bit.ly/2jiXp2O.

Why Tony likes this sermon: “Glen gives three reasons we should not have a spirit of timidity in our lives as Christians. He peppers his message with several solid illustrations that make it educational, enjoyable, and challenging.”

Jeff Walling
Jeff Walling serves as a teaching pastor with Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California, and directs the Youth Leadership Initiative at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Jeff”s Best Sermon: Landon Saunders delivered what I consider the best sermon for a young preacher”s heart more than 30 years ago. Listen to the sermon, titled “The Wolf,” at www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbJvHx8nXOM.

Why Jeff Likes This Sermon: “This sermon was from a series of lectures on preaching done at Abilene Christian University. Many have told me how they remember and were touched and challenged by it. I certainly was.

“Landon addresses the wolf in sheep”s clothing that lurks within all of us. It”s good for anyone who gets to stand before people and try to speak for God.”

Arron Chambers, a CHRISTIAN STANDARD contributing editor, serves as lead minister with Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado. 


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