Five Ideas You Can Use This Month

Ideas for your youth group, small group, class, ministry team, or congregation . . .

02_BP_collage_JNBy Michael C. Mack

1.  Deliver roses and chocolates to residents of nursing and retirement homes on Valentine’s Day.

2. Offer a free Valentine’s Day wedding weekend. Parkcrest Christian Church in Long Beach, CA (, has offered free use of its facility, an officiated ceremony, and a cake-and-punch reception.

3. February is American Heart Month. Conduct a Valentine’s Day blood drive. Partner with the Red Cross ( to set up a mobile unit in the parking lot. Promote the drive in the church and community. Enlist small groups to provide hospitality as people arrive and appreciation after they’ve donated.

4. February is Black History Month. Consider ways you can celebrate black history in your community.

5. Leap day is Monday, February 29. It only happens every four years, so take advantage of the “extra day” to have a churchwide prayer or serving event. Encourage members to take a leap of faith!

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