We’ve Waited All Week

By Chuck Sackett

Edgar Nichols spent his final years serving in Boise, Idaho. He used to enchant his students at Boise Bible College with stories of crossing the Himalaya Mountains from Tibet to India, or induce tears telling of his family leaving him alone in India for months as he recovered from tuberculosis

1communion4_JNHaving spent years as a missionary to the people of Tibet India, Ghana, and Hawaii, Nichols commanded a hearing every time he stood to speak. One Sunday morning at First Church of Christ in Boise, he stood tentatively at the Communion table. His then feeble voice was just strong enough for those worshipping to hear his prayer.

“Lord, we’ve waited all week to meet you at this table.” His tears served as the remainder of his meditation that morning. No one who shared in Communion that day had any doubt about its importance. No one left questioning whether it became too common if done every week. No one wondered if the Lord was really present. No one doubted the value of those few moments remembering Jesus.

“We’ve waited all week . . .” Have we? Have we even thought about it this week? Would we feel as if something deeply significant was missing if we weren’t here right now? Would we miss this moment as much as Edgar would? As much as the Lord might?

It isn’t as if we haven’t been in the Lord’s presence this week. It isn’t that we haven’t thought about God, or talked to him. It isn’t that we’re required to be here. It’s simply a matter of the heart. It’s the simple matter of what our heart desires most.

“Lord, we’ve waited all week to meet you at your table.” And we wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Chuck Sackett serves as preaching minister with Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, Illinois, and professor of preaching at Lincoln (Illinois) Christian University.

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