Cartwheels Wanted

Mark A. Taylor

Last week a message popped up on my phone that’s just too good not to share. A friend, a longtime member of the Christian churches, had taken advantage of our summer subscription push, and she wrote to tell me how she feels about it.

I’ve received my first two issues of CHRISTIAN STANDARD, and I’m kicking myself for not following through sooner on my urge to subscribe. It is relevant, inspirational, motivational, and implementable.

I was expecting very good and traditional. What I got was excellent and cutting edge!

I’m over here doing cartwheels!

Words to make an editor smile! But then I realized there must be hundreds or thousands of other involved Christians like her who have been overlooking CHRISTIAN STANDARD for far too long.

Aug30_MT_pt1_JNSo don’t take my word for it. We’ve been saying for some time that CHRISTIAN STANDARD is serving up its best fare ever. Give it a try to discover for yourself what you’ve been missing.

(The $24.99 price advertised at our website and catalog now is a bargain—especially when you consider it gives you free access to our digital editions too!)

If you’re reading this, that means you check out CHRISTIAN STANDARD on the web, and we’re glad. But our print edition includes ideas and content that never shows up here. And our digital edition is a whole new experience in itself.

Subscribe today. And if you do a cartwheel after reading your first issue, please take a picture. We promise we’ll post it here!

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