Church Development Fund Announces Name Change to CDF Capital

IRVINE, CA—Church Development Fund, a ministry of Provision Ministry Group, announced this July a new name and logo. Debuting at the North American Christian Convention, in Anaheim, the new name, CDF Capital, was met with great enthusiasm. This change was made to better reflect the ministry and its long time mission: “Helping Churches Grow.”

cdf-cap_logo_JNCDF Capital, originally established in 1953 as the Churches of Christ Building and Loan Fund, was founded with the express purpose of removing obstacles that hindered church growth. In 1953, the most significant obstacle was access to financial capital to purchase land and build new churches. In 1972, the ministry changed its name to Church Development Fund as it expanded.

Since its founding, CDF Capital has served more than 900 churches and ministries and has funded more than $1.6 billion in loans. Over the past 63 years, the marketplace has shifted. Barriers that now obstruct church growth have changed as well. To stay true to its mission of “Helping Churches Grow,” CDF Capital launched two new ministry divisions in addition to its historic Financial Capital division: Leadership Capital, and Spiritual Capital.

CDF Capital President Dusty Rubeck states, “I believe as leaders in the church funding marketplace, we can come alongside churches to meet their needs, and it is my vision that CDF Capital can work with others in the industry to be a valuable asset to churches across the nation.”

Leadership Capital was launched in 2015 with Sean Morgan as the vice president at the helm. The Leadership Capital team offers a clear vision to help local churches navigate toward health and growth by offering services in three areas: Learn, Plan, and Act. With staff health diagnostics, workshops, and coaching, Leadership Capital is able to fit the specific needs of each church, resulting in effective ministry impact.

Spiritual Capital, the newest division within CDF Capital, launches this fall. Spiritual Capital will provide resources and tools to focus on spiritual formation for individuals and church leaders.

The name change to CDF Capital reflects the three divisions of the ministry and the resulting transformation that comes when a church is properly resourced with Financial, Leadership, and Spiritual Capital.

Nathan Elson, vice president of marketing, says, “The triad of services we provide—Financial, Leadership, and Spiritual Capital—are represented in the shapes and colors of our logo. The overall shape of the logo mark is a triangle, a classical symbol of change and transformation. All together our new identity, name, and logo embody a return to who and what we have always been. Although we have served the church since 1953, our story is just beginning.”

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