A Look in the Mirror?

By Mark A. Taylor

A church friend wrote on Facebook this week, “Why don’t all of you QUIT posting about the election?! Hasn’t everyone already decided who they’re voting for?”

nov1_mt_jnCertainly a majority of Americans have decided how they’ll vote—or whether they’ll vote. This year, as in most years, millions and millions of dollars are spent to sway the undecided minority. What may be different this year (in a campaign with a long, sad list of firsts), is the way some undecided voters keep switching from one choice they don’t like to the other.

In the midst of all the noise about each candidate and why his or her opponent is bad, I was taken by a post from Sean Palmer a couple of weeks ago. Palmer, who has written for CHRISTIAN STANDARD and spoken at the North American Christian Convention, is distinguishing himself as a thought-provoker and thought leader. His post about the election is not about the candidates but about you and me, the voters. And, regardless of your choice this election, he challenges each of us to rethink why and how our country has ended up with the candidates on our ballot next week.

So, without further comment, I encourage you to read, share, and discuss his post.

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