What Is the Role of Greeters in Your Church?

Flat chart, graph. Simply color editable. Infographics elements.By Michael C. Mack

We conducted a survey through Facebook that asked, “What is the role of greeters in your church?” Respondents could select as many answers as applied. The results are displayed in the chart.

“Other” included responses such as: introduce new people to regular attendees, usher to destination (e.g., class or worship center), make sure visitors know where everything is (e.g., nursery, restrooms, information), and just be a friend.

Discovery Christian Church in Clearwater, Florida, takes a unique approach to greeting. “We don’t have ‘official’ greeters, but everyone is an unofficial greeter,” says minister J. R. Carrel. “That may sound lame, but we take it very seriously. Our people approach each of our guests with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude toward loving them, welcoming them, and making them feel at home.”

The fact that “security” scored low on the survey may be a red flag for some congregations.

“The job of a church greeter these days is twofold: hospitality (primarily) and security (always in the back of your mind),” says Building Church Leaders, a ministry of Christianity Today (www.christianitytoday.org). “Churches welcome any and all who come to worship, and we’re constantly alert for possible dangers to the congregation, whether from weather, hazardous conditions, or troubled people. Training ushers and greeters is one of the most important things you can do for the health and safety of your congregation.”

Building Church Leaders has developed an Usher/Greeter Orientation Guide to help churches train these vital volunteers; it’s available at www.bclstore.com/products/usher-greeter-orientation-guide.

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